Duper Mario Bros: Coin Chaos
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Developer(s) Krazy Kombat Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) 2D Platform
Release Date(s)
Winter 2019
1 Player Mode
2 Player Mode
Media Included Disc.
Series Duper Mario Bros.
Duper Mario Bros. Coin Chaos is the first Duper Mario Bros. game developed by Krazy Kombat Studios.

Plot Edit

Mario (Luigi in 2 Player Mode) is resting in his house after defeating Bowser, however, Kamek steals the Princess and Yoshi and takes control over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario (and Luigi) wakes up and notices the situation and chases Kamek. Kamek creates a magic block which houses endless of coins and coin trophies which spreads across the realm.

Worlds Edit

Image Name Info Boss(es)
N/A Mushroom Mountains Mushroom Mountains is a hillside which is filled with Goombas, Koopas and Piranhas.

Mid-Boss: Boom Boom

Enemy Course: Hammer Bros.

Main Boss: Iggy

N/A Dastardly Desert This desert is filled with Pokeys, Sandoons and Sand Hands. Mario loses his power up when not in the shade for twenty seconds.

Mid Boss: King Pokey

Enemy Course: Sandoons

Main Boss:


N/A Wavy Ocean This ocean is filled with Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers and Rip Van Fishs. Watch out for Big Bass and Big Bertha. Also watch out for your Breath Meter, as 1/7 of the meter goes away when you stay underwater for ten seconds.

Mid Boss: Cheepskipper

Enemy Course: Cheep Cheeps

Main Boss:


N/A Pipe Pathway This pathway has loads of pipes that leads you to secrets and puzzles which must be solved to continue. Forgot to mention that their are loads of Piranha Plant types so be careful.

Mid Boss: Petey Piranha

Enemy Course: Elasto Piranhas

Main Boss: Ludwig

N/A Cloudy Castle This castle is in the clouds and is protected by Cloudaways, a cloud-like monster who protects his kingdom from bad guys. He was tricked by one of the Koopalings that Mario was the villian. Cloudaways attacks Mario, but was defeated and told that the Koopaling he talked to tricked him. Cloudaway sends Mario a Bat Suit in his invetory.

Mid Boss: Cloudaways

Enemy Course: Fwooshes

Main Boss: Roy

N/A Flavor Factory This factory is runned by Shy Guys, who protect the great Wart. Wart works with one of the Koopalings to eliminate the plumber, Mario. Icing can makes you slide like ice.

Mid Boss: Wart

Enemy Course: Shy Guys

Main Boss: Wendy O.

N/A Chaos Castle After defeating Wart, Wart helps Mario get to the skies to get to Chaos Castle via Airship. Bowser Jr. and Larry work together to defeat Mario once and for all.

Mid Boss: Bowser Jr.

Enemy Course: N/A

Main Boss: Larry

N/A Sub-Zero Space Mario chases after Kamek in this last world. There is only three levels with no mid boss nor enemy courses. After defeating Kamek, you can't enter this world again. If you miss any Coin Trophies, you can't get them again unless you restart the file.

Mid Boss: N/A

Enemy Course: N/A

Main Boss: Kamek

Powerups Edit

Image Name Form First seen
N/A Super Mushroom Super Mario World 1-1
N/A Fire Flower Fire Mario World 1-1
N/A Laser Flower Laser Mario World 1-3
N/A Super Bomb Bombshell Mario World 2-1
N/A Sticky Boots Suction Cup Mario World 5-3
N/A Staff Bojutsu Mario World 6-1
N/A Bat Suit Bat Mario World 6-3
N/A Red Star Flying Mario World 7-1
N/A Pistol Handgun Mario World 8-3
N/A Space Suit Space Mario Final Battle with Kamek

Levels Edit

Name (World #-Level) Information Enemies Items
Mushy Hillside Mario travels through a stage filled with mushrooms good enough to eat! But the ones here aren't...quite tasty enough for eating.

Goombas, Koopas.

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower.
Cave Chaos After looking at the beautiful, but not tasty mushrooms, Mario finds himself in a cave filled with Buzzy original! Well your fire powers won't work on don't really use them on such an unstoppable enemy! Goombas, Koopas, Buzzy Beetles. Super Mushroom, Fire Flower.
Scary Heights You look scared! Maybe it's because you are WAY up in the skies of the kingdom. Maybe those flying Goombas and turtles can help you! Koopas, Koopa Paratroopa, Paragoomba. Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Laser Flower.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first platforming game that Krazy Kombat Studios created.