[Fade In]

Narrator: - This world is doomed.

[Legions of demon soldiers walk around the grounds that were once known as a great nation. The sky is concealed in pure blood red tint, signifying the death of many years work.]

Narrator: - The great home of Fanonaria, a beautiful country in the Fantendoverse, has been under siege and torn apart by a mad queen named Lilith. For many years, her forces have been tormenting its citizens. Until, a secret resistance was formed dedicated to bringing justice to Fanonaria.

[A demon soldier, attacking a defenseless man, is interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. He turns his head and notices Ismail Feroz, who roundhouse kicks him to the jaw and saving the victim.]

Narrator: - The leader was named Ismail, a young man, who despised all evil. He fought solo for a while, but realized on how slow he was progressing. To speed things up, he decided to create the R-Team...

[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, and Aingeru.]


[There is a cool breeze in the dark night sky. CLASH! Two figures seem to fight at tremendous speed that the trail they leave is as bright of that of a shooting star. CRASH! Ismail is seen blown away from the impact of Tucker's punch. The two were sparring. Tucker smirks confidently.]

Tucker: - Not bad, man. You're actually pretty good.

[Ismail doesn't respond. The two get back into sparring and all that can be heard in WHAM, CLASH, BAM, and BOOM. Tucker attempts to punch but his fist is caught in Ismail's clenched hand. The two struggle but suddenly get interrupted by a loud call.]

Peira Noid: - Would you two ladies quit practicing, already? It's been an hour!

[Ismail frowns and releases his grip on Tucker's fist.]

Tucker: - (Slapping Ismail's back) Dude, she's just joking.

Ismail: - Hmph..

[Ismail silently walks past Peira and goes inside the hidden lair of the R-Team. Tucker raises an eyebrow.]

Peira Noid: - Gee, what's wrong with him?

Tucker: - Only God can tell, Peira.. Only God can tell.

[Ismail walks down the stairs and into the underground cave, where he sees Mason using a super-computer of some sort.]

Mason: - Done already?

Ismail: - It broke-up.

Mason: - I see...

Ismail: - How's that cure, going?

[Mason slams the computer keyboard, making his cup of tea fall and spill on the ground.]

Mason: - Millions of people are going to die soon because of me!

Ismail: - Hey! Calm down! You've got plenty of time to do this. I know that sooner or later, we're all going to shape the future for everyone.

[Mason looks up as there is a dramatic zoom in on his face.]


[Another flashback is commencing, revealing the true history of Fanonaria: A free and beautiful country bound by no such evil. Joy and happinness are experienced throughout the landscape. Then suddenly, BOOM. Everything is concealed in darkness, signifying the fall of a nation in just one second.]

[Queen Lilith is holding her necklace; which is shining while gazing in its pitch-black appearance. Tortured souls can be heard yelping and screaming in agonizing pain as the gem holds them captive. Their screams are silenced, thus ending the episode with a fade out.]