[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, Aingeru, Hayden, and Aiden.]


[Peira is watching the Back to the Future 4 trailer, only to be interrupted by Mason.]

Mason: - Hey baby, what'cha watching?

Peira: - Dang it, Mason! There's a difference between hitting on me and interrupting my minute and 30 seconds of Micheal J. Fox!

Mason: - You deserve better than that! How about a hour of me. Naked.

Peira: - *shudders* You know what, I do deserve better than this! I quit.

[Peira picks up her stuff and starts leaving.]

Mason: - Wait, a second, your really quitting?

Peira: - Makes you sad, doesn't it? Should have left this sexist hell hole a while ago.

Mason: - Can I at least get a picture of you and me?

Peira: - ...sure. *blushes*

[Mason grabs a camera and takes a photo.]

Mason: - MasonxPeira OTP!!

Peira: - ...aaaand back to packing.

[Peira finishes packing and heads to Ismail's room.]

Peira: - I'm quitting and don't expect me to come back.

Ismail: - Why?

Peira: - *points to Mason* There's reason enough.

Ismail: - See ya then.

Peira: - What kind of friend are you?

Ismail: - One that respects you. If you want to leave, be my guest.

Peira: - Alright then.

[Peira leaves and slams the front door out.]

Ismail: - Great, now I need a replacement.

[A blonde, glasses wearing, woman comes in.]

Ismail: - Who are you?

Mysterious Woman: - Constant.

Ismail: - Are you here for the refunds on the pizza? Because that was David's fault.

David: - No, it wasn't! The pizza started attacking because it had too many onions on it!

Constant: - I'm here for work.

Ismail: - Oh, well then come on in.

[Ismail shows Constant her room, which is next to Mason's.]

Ismail: - Here's your room! Lock your door.

Constant: - LOL, why?

Ismail: - Mason liked Peira and he may be coming over to see if she left any underwear behind.

Constant: - I looove creeps like that!

Ismail: - ...

Constant: - So should I just put my stuff down then?

Ismail: - Yeah.

[Peira is taking a bus.]

Peira: - ...well then. I guess I'll just rent a apartment then... Bianca? Bianca: - Peira?

Peira: - I remember you vaguely. You and David had...

Bianca: - Peira, this is a bus. Wait, where you even there?

Peira: - OHEY, IT'S MY STOP!

Bianca: - Oh hey, Peira, tell David I miss him.

Peira: - Yeah, okay.

[Constant and Mason are talking.]

Constant: - Mason, you are so funny.

Mason: - Yeah...

Constant: - What's wrong?

Mason: - I've never had a girl flirt with me before, and it feels kind of awkward.

Constant: - ...oh.

Mason: - ...want to go on a date?

Constant: - Yeah!

[Peira walks into her apartment.]

Peira: - OH GOD THERE ARE RATS ON THE CEILING *slams door and runs*

Peira: - You know what? Maybe that "hellhole" wasn't that bad.

[Meanwhile at a fancy dinner...]

Constant: - I like the steak here.

Mason: - Wish I could say the same.

Constant: - Seriously, what's troubling you?

Mason: - I don't honestly know anymore. I mean, here I am sitting with a beautiful woman with a unicorn horn that likes me, and yet while I like her back, I can't seem to muster anything. Something's missing.

[Peira walks into the front doors.]

Constant: - Is it that?

Mason: - "That" is my friend.

Peira: - Hold on a second, how did Mason get a date with her?

Mason: - hi peira

Constant: - Well, if it isn't the one I replaced.

Peira: - I want my job back.

Constant: - C'mon, we're on a date here!

Mason: - Ooo, this going to be cat-fight isn't it?

Peira: - Shut up.

Mason: - :3

Peira: - *punches Constant*

[Constant and Peira punch and kick each other, eventually getting into advanced fighting styles like abandoning the laws of physics and having a zero-gravity fight. Peira then smashes Constant to the ground.]

Constant: - Your honestly crazy.

Peira: - I don't work with Lilth, therefore I must be sane.

Constant: - Aren't you the smart one now!

Peira: - You've been fired. Good day.

Constant: - Well then. *leaves*

[Mason and Peira leave and return to the base.]

Mason: - Glad to see you back.

Peira: - Just cool the flirting.

Mason: - I wonder though, what Constant is doing?

Peira: - Beats me. I don't know what she was doing in the first place anyway.