EPISODE BY: Alange95 (Talk)

[The episode opens in a kind of cell. Aingeru is tied by 13 chains]

Aingeru: (opens the eyes) W-where am I?

Main theme of the episode plays with all the team members.

A Lady: (from the shadows) Look, the angel is awake. Have you slept well?

Aingeru: Who are you? Where am I?

The Lady: Too many questions are made by my prisoner... Anyways, I'm a sever of Queen Lilith. Call me Lycra, I will call you "trap".

Aingeru: "T-trap"? What are you talking about?!

Lycra: It's easy. Now your friends will know that you are kidnapped by the Queen? Letters are sometimes dangerous... don't you think so?

Aingeru: Were you the one that sent me the letter!?!

Lycra: I see that your brain still works... that's good for you. Fooling a person is too easy when that person is in love with other one...

[Meanwhile Peira finds a letter behind the door.']

Peira: Uh... there is a letter in the door. (Mason and Tucker arrives to know about it) "I need your help guys. A little black cat has made me fall from a cliff, and I can't come back. -Aingeru". Hmm?

Mason: How can Aingeru write a letter and send it here if he can't come back?

Tucker: Good question. But... have you seen Aingeru lately?

Peira: I think he got a letter from his girlfriend or something, and he went to meet her.

[Ismail arrives and he sratches his head.']

Ismail: Then, if he needs help and he hasn't come back, why don't we go to save him?

Mason: I guess it's a good idea. Let's go then. DAVID!!! DON'T YOU COME HERE!???


Mason: WAIT, COME ON!!!


[Everyone thinks about it for a second]

Ismail: Maybe he's right...

Peira: Seriously? Aren't you going to save a partner because it's Friday 13th? I guess it's legit.

[Mason and Tucker get mad... They carry Ismail and Peira out of the house]

Mason: You are coming with us to save Aingeru.

Tucker: And you can't complain, ok?

Ismail & Peira: Ok...

[They arrive to the cliff, but there is nothing there, except a lighthouse]

Ismail: I guess, we should try to find in the lighthouse, maybe someone has saved him.

Mason: I'm starting to doubt about something.

Ismail: What do you mean?

Tucker: His wings.

Peira: What?

Tucker: If he was falling, he would have flown, since he has wings.

Mason: Exactly.

Ismail: Yeah, that's kind of odd. Anyway, let's see there.

Mason, Tucker & Peira: Ok!

[The four heroes come into the lighthouse. The lighthouse is dark. Nothing can be seen. They go upstairs...]

Peira: It smells weird... like wet.

Mason: We are next to the sea. It's logical.

[Ismail falls while going upstairs]

Ismail: I knew that I shouldn't have left home today.

Tucker: Hmm...

[They arrive the the end of the stairs. Nothing can be seen, except a light in the bottom of the room]

Aingeru: HEY!!! Stop! It's a trap!!!

Ismail: A trap? What do you mean?

[Suddenly, the light of the lighthouse blinds everyone]

Lycra: HAHAHAHAHA! Your eyes can't stand so many beauty, right?

Peira: Hum? Who are you?

Lycra: I'm the one that will defeat you and make the orders of our Queen Lilith are satisfied.

[Suddenly, the light swithes off]

Ismail: Heheh... I think that the bulb didn't work ok...

Lycra: No!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!! What kind of light is this? Meh... save him if you want, I can't waste my beauty in a battle...

[Everyone gets quiet. They are surprised.' She suddenly leaves.]

Ismail: I guess that now, we can save Aingeru.

Aingeru: Yeah, I think so.

[Aingeru is finally saved.]

[The Ending Theme plays, showing the main characters.]