EPISODE BY: IsmailFeroz (Talk)

The show's main theme is played and shows its team members.

Ismail falls down face flat after the shot is fired. Everyone is dumbfounded.

Aiden: Ismail? What's the matter?

Dennis rolls Ismail's body over, revealing a bloody gunshot wound on his cheek. Everyone gasps in horror.

Light: ISMAILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fade out

ROLL! ROLL! Newspapers titled "Ismail Feroz announced DEAD" spread and roared across and were purchased by many. Queen Lilith, laughing, throws her copy in the air as a show of victory.

Streets were crowded and so was the entrance of Ismail's funeral. Everyone on the team was seen. Specifically: Peira Noid, Mason, Savant the Goetian, Dennis, Light, David, Tucker, Aingeru, Hayden, and Aiden. Some of team members were even sobbing as Ismail's body, inside an open coffin, was passed down. The bounty hunter was also in the funeral but in disguise. Peira, noticing the assassin, walks up to him.

Assassin: I'm so sorry about your loss.

Peira spits on him.

Assassin: My god.. You bi--

Another man in disguise taps the assassin on the shoulder. And escorts him out. Mason walks up to Peira and speaks in a soft tone.

Mason: You okay?

Peira Noid: Just shut up.

Peira walks away. Mason follows her.

Mason: Look, we're all sad! But this doesn't give you any right to get mad at us! The fact is that Ismail is gone and won't come back!

Peira turns her head.

Peira Noid: JUST SHUT UP!!!

The whole team turns their attention to her. Embarrassed, Peira walks out of the funeral.

Everybody but Peira take their last few seconds to look at Ismail in his coffin before it closes.

David: This is it. Let's say our last goodbye's to our leader, and good friend.

The rest of the remaining team members in the funeral give their final bow.


Even though I, Ismail Feroz, may die someday from whatever reason. I am still proud and thankful for the life I have been given. It may have been short. But I still did what I wanted to. You can't demand anything more from God.
Ismail Feroz

Tick tock tick tock


Oh, you're awake. Welcome.

Are you God?

If I was, light would have been spewed before you.

Am I dead?

I don't think so..

Where am I..?


FLASH! The lights turn on. The man is revealed to be a doctor. Another man is seen next to him wearing a black suit.

W-w-who, are you?

The doctor smirks as the episode ends with a rapid fade out.