EPISODE BY: IsmailFeroz (Talk)

The show's Main Theme plays, featuring the team members.

The assassin is seen with a bunch of demons at the graveyard. They stumble upon Ismail's grave and dig. There, they find his coffin.

Assassin: Open it.

The demons open the coffin: It's empty.

Assassin: (Slamming the ground) Son of a b****!! I WILL GET YOU SOMEDAY!!

His voice echoes.

Ismail is seen walking around the streets at night. The darkness conceals his face as he makes every step. He is startled by a voice.

Peira Noid: So how's it going?

Ismail: (Turning his head) H-h-how did you find me?

Peira Noid: So what are you going to do now?

Ismail: Listen.. Don't tell anyone. I--

Peira Noid: Yeah.. Yeah.. Keep your pants on. I won't tell anyone. It wasn't hard to find you. I just went to your grave earlier, and I saw your coffin empty. So tell me: Are you a ghost?

Ismail: It's not safe here, you need to go.

VROOM! Motorcycle noises are heard in the distance. Peira says something before leaving.

Peira Noid: Just don't die again.

Ismail nods before running off and leading the motorcycle gangs astray. The gang follows him into a warehouse. As they search, Ismail manages to ambush one of them and takes their yellow jumpsuits. While in disuise once more, Ismail dispatches the rest of the motorcycle gang but one.

Gang member: You're going to die right here!!

Ismail: Action speaks louder than words!

Ismail tackles the gang member and both crash through a wall leading outside in the rain. The assassin is seen in the distance inside a car with a sniper loaded. BAM, CRACK, SMASH! Ismail was brutally beating the gang member into a pulp with his fists. BANG! The assassin fired, but missed. With his misfire, Ismail was able to find the man responsible for his "death". While the assassin was trying to reload, Ismail grabbed him and pulled him out of the car. SMACK! WHAM! The assassin was knocked! Ismail gripped on his collar.


Assassin: (studdering) I-I-In the... temple...

The Assassin passed away from his fatal wounds. Ismail looked up and noticed a large temple just across the street. He raced to the front door and entered. There he found a weapon selection. He picked a staff and a nunchaku and ran up the stairs, preparing for the greatest challenge yet.


The show's ending theme plays