EPISODE SCRIPT BY: SuperMarioBro64 (Talk)

[The episode starts out with the cast at the base.]

Ismail: Hey, if anyone needs me, I'll be training outside

[Everyone is minding their own business.]

Hayden: Huh? Oh yeah, okay, sure

Ismail: .......okay

[Ismail steps outside, and a silence fills the room.]

Hayden: This is awkward..........

[Hayden falls off of a couch.]

Hayden: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Hayden: Oooow............

[Everyone begins to laugh at him.]

[The show's main theme plays, including the main cast.]

Ismail: Well that was a nice training session!

[Ismail walks into base, but no one is seen.]

Ismail: Hello? Where is everyone? Wait, what's that?

[Ismail walks into a room that has been destroyed.]

Ismail: What happened here? I bet Lilith has something to do with this, she has to!

[A demon soldier then sneaks up on Ismail, but he quickly attacks.]



Ismail: Well, that's one sign it was Queen Lilith.

[Ismail rushes to where Queen Lilith's castle.]

Ismail: It's heavily guarded here.... and I'm talking to myself.....

[Ismail defeats the guards, and sneaks into the castle.]

Ismail: So where's Lilith? Maybe this door?

[Ismail walks into a dungeon-like room.]

????: Ismail? Is that you?

Ismail: Yeah, who is it?

[The room lights up, and Ismail sees his entire team!]

Ismail: Guys, is that really you?

David: Yeah....

Ismail: You look so.... pale and weak.....

Mason: Queen Lilith used some orb thing and drained our power and energy

Ismail: I'll save you-


[A demon soldier attacks, but Ismail easily defeats him.]

Ismail: I'll get your energy back, then I'll save you!

Mason: Could you atleast-

[Ismail leaves.]

Mason: Unlock us first..............

Ismail: Queen Lilith!

Queen Lilith: Ah, Ismail, what a pleasant surprise!

Ismail: Not really. Give my friends their powers back!

Queen Lilith: Why would I do that, when I could simply use it to destroy you.

Ismail: Not on my watch!

[Ismail runs up to attack her, but she hits him, and with all the energy, it gives such force that Ismail is blown into the wall.]

Ismail: Ow......

Queen Liltih: Now I can kill you, all thanks to this!

[Queen Lilith holds up a glass sphere, with forces of energy swirling inside.]

Queen Lilith: Demon Soldiers! Attack!

[Demon Soldiers appear and begin to attack Ismail, but he easily defeats them.]

Queen Lilith: Gr......

[A beam comes out of the energy sphere and comes towards Ismail, but he shields himself with a fallen demon soldier, which is obliterated after it is hit.]

Ismail: Hmmm.......

[Ismail dashes towards Queen lilith, but instead of attacking, he slides around her and grabs a vase.]

Queen Lilith: And just what are you going to do with that?

Ismail: This!

[Ismail throws the pot at her head and knocks her unconscious.]

Ismail: Well that was easy. Wait, the sphere!

[Ismail catches the sphere before it smashes against the ground.]

Ismail: Now to free the team!

Ismail: Hey guys!

Peira: About time! Just help us already!

[Ismail unlocks the cell, and smashes the energy sphere, where the team gets their powers and energy back.]

David: Thanks Ismail!

Ismail: Lilith will wake up any second! Let's get back to base!

[The team arrives at base.]

Aingeru: Thanks for saving us back there Ismail

Hayden: 99.9% of me knew you could save us in time! The other 0.01% thought we would..., well you know

Peira: You're weird, you know that?

Hayden: Yeah.......


The show's ending theme plays here.