FAN of the Cars
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Created by Copyza123
Format Question
Genre(s) Quizshow , Gameshow
Voices of Cars
Developed by Disney Pixar
Executive Producer(s) John Lassester
Cars TV Station
First Air Date(s)
6th February 2015
Opening Theme Life is a Highway
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
Producer(s) John Lassester
Season(s) 1
Episodes TBA
Original Channel Cars Channel (real air), O Channel HD Channel 31 (Every Monday rerun on 11:00 AM)
Runtime 90 Min
Production Companies Cars Inc.
Distributed by TBA
Status Airing
This is Gameshow without doing with testing For FAN Cars!
Darrell Catrip

 FAN of the Cars is TV Program to be first aired on 6th February 2015 and present airing.


Name FAN About Date Aired Ultimate FAN Answered
Lightning Mcqueen Fantasy Comedy 6th Feb 2015 Correct
Mater Kamen Rider 13th Feb 2015 Correct
Pyotr Racinov Russia 20th Feb 2015 Wrong
Victor Hugo Looney Tunes 6th Mar 2015 Correct
The King Dinosaurs 13th Mar 2015 Wrong
Chick Hicks Medicial Book 20th Mar 2015 Correct
Acer Computer 27th Mar 2015 Correct
Grem India 3rd Apr 2015 Correct
Shu Todoroki Japanese Food 10th Apr 2015 Correct
Francesco Bernoulli Italian History 17th Apr 2015 Wrong
Gremlin Zoo 24th Apr 2015 Wrong
Todd Marcus Temples 1st May 2015 Correct
Holley Shiftwell Spy Detective 8th May 2015


Max Schnell Mobile Phone 15th May 2015


Professor Z Aztec & Maya 22nd May 2015


How to playEdit

3 SecondsEdit

  • The Players can be answered all of 5 rounds (on 6th Feb 2015 for 3 Rounds)
  • If Players can't answered on more 3 seconds. Player will be eliminated.


  • The Players can be answered to listen to his/her questions
  • If Players answered wrong. Player will be eliminated again or Pause to played.
  • If Players answered wrong to 2 questions or more questions Player will be eliminated by once.

Pre-Ultimate FAN QuestionEdit

  • Players can listen questions and answer.
  • If Player answered wrong. Next Player to be answered.
  • If Player answered wrong to 2 questions One player to be Ultimate FAN