Fantendo View is a streaming service created and run by Inora, featuring content from other creators. Started in 2018, the service hosts films, shows, miniseries, and OVAs from Fantendo, including already released media and exclusive projects. Fantendo View has been released on several devices as an app, though it requires a monthly fee of 7.99 USD. A week-long free trial is also available.

Reception for the service has been (TBA). If you'd like to add an already existing series or movie to Fantendo View or create an exclusive for it, please say so in the comments so it can be approved or rejected.


Already ExisitingEdit

350px (Season 1)
"After the world changing events of [[[Fantendo - Genesis]], F.A.N.T is founded to protect Earth from alien, supernatural, and extradimensional threats. Director Helen Rizzo recruits her old FBI buddy Eric Sinn to lead Squad-410 while training new recruit Hugo Logia. As they try to balance their complex interpersonal relationships with new cases, the squad discovers a threat that could endanger the entire universe."

View ExclusivesEdit

Hella Good (Miniseries)
"In the Zaxinian Lifts, the famous Valerie Heartgold learns that her rival Maris Mantis has acquired an unknown but important object. Assembling a team consisting of leader Daphne Eclipse, pilot Mick, brute Jessica Firestorm, sorceress Gray Iris, and engineer Lapo, she sends them to steal it for her in what will be the heist of the century. They aren't super and they aren't heroes, but they might be our only hope."


The theme is the background and font used for the app. There are several themes that can be used, as well as a tool that allows users to make their own themes or import backgrounds and fonts they have downloaded. Anyone can add a theme to the page, though it may be removed.

  • Black & Blue: The default theme, which features a tiled black background and neon blue outlines. The font used is Calibri.


Trusted contributors are allowed to add content to Fantendo View without asking.

  • Sr.Wario: Founder, management, and trusted contributor, created Hella Good for the platform.




  • The service was inspired by a lack of satisfactory platforms to put this sort of content on.
  • If you couldn't tell, the format of Fantendo View was inspired by Fantendo - Drive, a similar project made and managed by Inora.