Lumalee's main artwork.
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Luma
Living Town Comet Observatory
Main Weapon(s) Fire and ice
Vulnerable to Darkness
First Appearance Life as a Luma
Latest Appearance Starship Crew
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Use of fire and ice-related powers
Lumalee is a male Luma in Life as a Luma and Starship Crew who is able to use powers of ice and fire. He is one of the main characters in the aforementioned titles.



Lumalee is a light-blue Luma, who is given the ability to manipulate fire and ice during the events of Life as a Luma. If he is using his powers, his limbs on the left side of his body turn into ice, and the limbs on the right side turn into fire. This does not hurt him.


Like his best friend Lumoshi, Lumalee is very hyperactive, but he has less control over it, which can lead the team into bad situations sometimes. He is also not shy at all, unlike the other Luma. He is adventurous, and will not back down to a challenge.


As mentioned earlier, Lumalee has been granted the ability to manipulate fire and ice. He can create blasts of fire to attack enemies, or freeze them with ice. He can create massive attacks as well, however this depletes his energy faster.



Since they met, the two Lumas have been inseparable friends, having a great relationship. They bicker at times but are usually very loyal to each other.


Lumalee instantly falls in love with Asterix upon seeing her the first time, but as Lumoshi does too, they decide to both back down in order to preserve their friendship. Lumalee and Asterix are good friends, although they bicker throughout Starship Crew.


Lumalee and Lumire have a good relationship overall, shown throughout Starship Crew.




  • The name was suggested by Doh (Talk).
  • He shares his name with a Luma from Super Mario Galaxy.

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