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The Adventures of Ismail is a TV show basically centering around Ismail Feroz. It also focuses on a variety of Fantendo characters and avatars interacting with him.


In the wide world of Fanonaria, home to the world of fanon characters and creatures lies Ismail Feroz and his team of warriors. Queen Lilith, and her legion of demons plan to rule and conquer this peaceful kingdom. And now, Ismail and his allies, Peira Noid, Mason, Savant the Goetian, Dennis, Light, David, Tucker, Aingeru, Hayden, Aiden and Lucazs must form a resistance team to battle Lilith and her army of para-demons.

Throughout the series, there are many series of events occurring in the timeline.


  1. IsmailFeroz (Talk) - Ismail mainly focuses less on humor and more on action and drama.
  2. Sorastitch (Talk) - Sorastitch is more on the humorous side of things. He does add a little action, but humor is the dominant element. He also focuses on the myth arc as well, and likes to do a lot of ship teasing.
  3. Heartphilia (Talk) - Heartphilia will write stuff. He can be quite serious and action-packed sometimes, while other parts may be sexual comedic or goofy.
  4. SuperMarioBro64 (Talk) - SMB64's writing style is a combination of humor and seriousness. Sometimes, things may be serious and full of action, or it may be funny or silly.
  5. Alange95 (Talk) - Alange writes dramatic chapters with a mix of action. He likes giving little touches of humor.
  6. MarioPhineas76 (Talk) - MP will write more later on and his writing style will have a mix of some humor, but mostly suspence and conflict.
  7. Baby Yoshi (Talk) - Baby Yoshi has a balanced writing style of humour and action.
  8. Darthtankengine Studios (Talk) - Darth tends to make his writing style a mixed bag.
  9. RushingZ (Talk) - Rushing will write and focus on 3 elements of the show, humor, drama and action, although, he may focus on one of the three for a certain episode.


Openings and EndingsEdit


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Season 1Edit

Episode Name Description Writer
1 True Beginnings The beginning of the epic series starts here. Learn how this whole conflict started and how it turned out now. IsmailFeroz
2 The Beach Episode The cast goes to the beach and all kinds of wacky shenanigans happen there! Sorastitch
3 Null The cast stays the night at a hotel after going to the beach, and discover it is haunted. Heartphilia
4 Just A Dream Ismail and friends find themselves at a strange dream castle, where Lilth is planning to trap them in. Sorastitch
5 Lots Happens Valdrika reveals that Lilth has rigged the hotel with explosives and blocked off the exits. Will they find a way out of this death trap? Sorastitch
6 Lost World The Loveland Swamp turns out to be the city of frogmen, and Ismail and the gang have to battle a evil frogman. Sorastitch
7 Need an Exterminator? Two boys help the team after Fanonaria is overrun by spider-like creatures. SuperMarioBro64
8 no u Leetdoom appears and seeks to join the group of the main characters. Heartphilia
9 no u pt 2 Leetdoom reveals his identity as a spy of Queen Lilith, and an all-out battle begins. Heartphilia
10 Peira Quits Peira quits and is replaced by a new girl named Constant. Will Peira come back once she learns the team is in danger? Sorastitch
11 ??? ? ?
12 Meet Samus Ismail and the team meet Samus, an ex-Galactic Federation soldier turned bounty hunter. Peira teases Ismail about his secret crush on Samus, even though she shares the same affection for the Metriod bounty hunter as well. Sorastitch
13 Lack of Luck Lilith has sent some criminals to kidnap Aingeru. Now, the other heroes have to find where Aingeru is and liberate him. Alange95
14 You're Hired! Lilith hires a bounty hunter/assassin to kill Ismail once and for all because of his persistent behavior in her conquest of Fanonaria. Will she succeed? IsmailFeroz
15 Never Dead The Assassin is seen and prepares to kill Ismail. But will his orders be carried out? IsmailFeroz
16 The Ceremony Ismail has been assassinated. His team members are saddened, Lilith is celebrating. A ceremony for Ismail's death is held. IsmailFeroz
17 Disguised Assault Ismail's death was faked!! He manages to find one of the men who worked with the assassin and Lilith, who commissioned the assassination, and challenges him to a Game of Death! Who will win? IsmailFeroz
18 Take Back Rumors spread of Ismail spread and he plans to make his move. The take back will begin by striking where Lilith's armies are: his location. IsmailFeroz
19 The Temple Battle (SEASON FINALE) Ismail finally finds and kills the assassin after interrogating him. Now, he goes to the temple where Lilith his hiding. Each stair level seems to guarded well by bodyguards. The battle to the death begins! IsmailFeroz

Season 2Edit

Episode Name Description Writer
20 The Marriage of Peira Part 1 Peira gets married to a demon king named Xantos. Only when the team realizes that it was a trick that it may be too late. Sorastitch
21 The Marriage of Peira Part 2 Having been tricked, the group tries to confront Xantos, only to lead to Peira's death. Sorastitch
22 Just Set Up The Tables Mason and Peira get the job of setting up the tables for a fancy dinner party. Sorastitch
23 The Curse of Mason Mason is cursed by Queen Lilith, and is now the exact opposite of what he was before. Heartphilia
24 Bianca Bianca decides to join the team, but will it wreck the team? Sorastitch and Heartphilia
25 Master and Samus Ismail finds a cloning machine, while Peira attempts to improve her relationship with Samus. Sorastitch
26 Kero Time Keroro comes along to visit the group, and Mason suggests he joins. Keroro becomes a nuisance to the team due to his laziness. Heartphilia
27 The Beach Episode II The entire cast decides to vacation on the beach again, only to find something seriously amiss. Sorastitch
28 Bread Alchemist Biacna and Peira decide to become alchemists, while Ismail and David must stop Lilth's latest plan: a evil bakery. Sorastitch
29 Energy Drain Lilith captures everyone but Ismail and drains their energy, so she can use it to defeat him. SuperMarioBro64
30 Beyond the Stars The cast goes on an adventure into space. More information is TBA. Heartphilia
31 The Afghan Tiger One of the team members find a time machine and Ismail is transported back to an old time of his home country, Afghanistan. There is a martial arts school who seems to be bullied by an Indian rival school. (Pakistan didn't exist at this time) IsmailFeroz
32 The Demon Tiger Peira uses the time machine and is transported back to a time where she was still in the Demon Realm. Sorastitch
33 Lilth's Day Off Lilth decides to take a break from trying to take over the Earth. Sorastitch
34 Just Another Dream The cast all get stuck in their own dreams and nightmares. Sorastitch
35 Complete Recall Dennis discovers his real worth after resurgence of lost memories and must fight for his life and others. Sorastitch
36 Supersonic Racing The group meets a strange man who asks them all to participate in a race around the world. Heartphilia
37 Supersonic Racing Part 2 The race continues, and many strange obstacles are found around the way. David is knocked out of the race. Heartphilia
38 Supersonic Racing Part 3 The race continues, once again. Leetdoom returns and enters the race, midway. A fight breaks out. Heartphilia
39 Supersonic Racing Part 4 The strange man who invited the group to the race reveals his identity as Lilith's assistant. Many of the previous villains are sent onto the track to battle. Heartphilia
40 Supersonic Racing Part 5 (SEASON FINALE) The group battles against Syrus. The race around the world ends. Heartphilia

Season 3Edit

Information concerning Season 3 is kept under wraps. One episode is known, being moved from season 2. Another, completely new episode is also known.

Sorastitch announced his depature after Season 3, to work on the Millenniumers. As such, this is the last season that Peira and his characters are present.

Episode Name Description Writer
?? The Fallen Hero Ismail finds out the truth behind Lilth's words the first time he went to the beach. Now he must either leave everything he fought for behind or fight for them again. Sorastitch
?? Peira's Sister Peira's sister comes over to visit Peira. After a mishap, Peira's sister thinks that Mason and Peira are dating and invites them over for a double date with her boyfriend. Sorastitch
?? Is that Me? The team visit a Mirror Maze and find a creature that can duplicate anything it sees. They also find a new hero, Lucazs, but what is his secret? Baby Yoshi
?? Trail of Ghosts After Peira rejects Lucazs from the group, the team returns back to base to discover that they are being hunted by a Angry Spirit, who is turning everyone into ghosts. With only Peira left, she reluctantly teams up with Lucazs. Baby Yoshi
?? The Pride The team meets Mephistan Pride and are captured. The only person who can save them now is Savant. Sorastitch
?? Way of the Tiger Ismail leaves the team for a brief vacation to visit his cousin's family, who called for his aid. Their market seems to be under oppression of a British mafia. IsmailFeroz
?? A Woman Behind Peira is called to be a co-leader of a group and must leave Ismail and friends behind. Sorastitch
?? Under the Beauty The person who kidnapped Aingeru in the past is back to destroy the enemies of Lilith with a new plan. Alange95
?? Elements of Harm MarioPhineas76
?? Rise of the Clones MarioPhineas76
?? Lilith the Demon Queen or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Kill People Lilith's own back story comes to light as Valdrika breaks her arm. Sorastitch
?? The Horrifying Christmasween Special Lilith comes up with the idea to combine Christmas and Halloween together. Oh no. Sorastitch
?? Community Service The many "minor misdemeanors" of the team and Queen Lilith has finally come to bite them in the bad is community service anyway? Darthtankengine Studios
?? The Beach Episode III The cast tries to enjoy another day at the bach, but it is ruined by something. Sorastitch
?? Resolve of Samus Peira invites Samus to the dance, only to find out she is already going with Ismail. Sorastitch
?? Greyhound Peira falls into a deep sleep and somebody by the name of Sheyna has awakened. Sorastitch
?? Dennis, Who? After getting hit by a train, Dennis loses his memory and joins Queen Lilith's army. Darthtankengine Studios
?? Pulp-free Fiction Savant gets poisoned by orange juice. Sorastitch
?? Double Whammy Ismail and the gang go against Lilth and some of their old enemies in a game show. Sorastitch
?? David Gets A F David fails the physical and has 24 hours to retry it. Only problem: he can't do a pull up. Sorastitch

Season 4Edit

Episode Name Description Writer
?? Dennis, You're Fired! After pretty much doing nothing for a few seasons, Ismail fires Dennis.  You think he can hold any other jobs? Cause I don't.... Thatkidwiththeafro
?? True Colors Queen Lilith and her minions dump paint on the residents of the Fandimonium, in order to divide and conquer. Thatkidwiththeafro
?? All in the Family Dennis' little brother visits and tries to take his spot on the team. Celebrity Deathmatch is a great way to solve your family issues right? Right? Thatkidwiththeafro

Music VideosEdit

Name Theme
My Best Friends Friendship


The show was received very well towards its viewers. The beginning was a good start and the ending of season one was very climatic.