Super Mario: MAX POWER
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Developer(s) Great Games, Inc.
Publisher(s) Great Games, Inc.
Platform(s) The Future Nintendo
Genre(s) 3D Open-world
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
E10 (ESRB)
Media Included None yet
This is a 3D Mario game made for The Future Nintendo by Great Games, Inc. It is the first game in a new trilogy of games produced for the console, following the New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE trilogy of games. Its style of gameplay is very different from regular Mario games. Instead, Mario is shown from overhead like The Legend of Zelda and the player must explore caves to find Bowser. This game is different in the fact that Mario's sidekick is not Luigi, it is Daisy.


The story begins after the events of the previous series. Mario and Luigi have been called upon by Princess Peach to check a problem going on inside the castle. It appears to be plumbing, a skill of the bros. They fix the leak, but apparently does it incorrectly and the castle explodes with water. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadsworth, and sixteen other Toads that were in the castle at the time made it out safely, but Daisy (who was visiting) seems to be missing. Mario finds her trapped inside the flooding castle and gets her out, but as they escape, they discover that Luigi, Peach, and the Toads are gone and that an airship is no less than a thousand feet away in the sky, floating away. Mario and Daisy decide to go after Bowser and travel through the first world on the road to Bowser's Castle. Along the way, they encounter helpers that can give them a hand.

Bowser learns that they are trying to stop him, so he sends each of his kids out to guard the worlds. As Mario and Daisy clear World 8, Bowser flies into a rage and sends the entire Koopa Troop out at them, making World 9 the hardest. Unfortunately for Bowser, the pair manage to defeat the Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, Magikoopas, Hammer Bros, and many more and arrive at his dungeon.


Mario and Daisy are shown from overhead and they can't jump, making this game unique. Mario and Daisy must travel through nine levels to stop Bowser. Each level gets increasingly more difficult than the last. Mario must travel through caves, looking for the two keys to get into the boss's cave to try to defeat him/her. Mario and Daisy can collect weapons that are added to his inventory instantly. He can switch anytime. Some weapons are required to beat bosses.

Mario has an HP system. He starts with 3 HP, but he can collect up to two extensions in each level by helping a character in the courses, making his max HP 21. An enemy's HP is listed above them as they charge.



The game will have nine unique levels that Mario is free to explore.

Yoshi's IslandEdit

This is an island inhabited by several Yoshis. If Mario or Daisy approaches one, he can give information about something or offer for the player to ride on him, or both. The first Yoshi that Mario or Daisy sees when arriving on the island via boat gives them a sword which does 3 HP damage.


Playable CharactersEdit

Name Picture Description
Mario Mario is ready for action. He has a low speed stat and a high power stat, making him easily able to whack foes. He has a hitting strength of 4 HP, but weapons can increase that. He has six lives to begin the game.
Daisy Daisy is also ready for action alongside Mario. She has a higher speed stat but a low power stat, in contrast to Mario. Her hitting strength is 2 HP, which doesn't seem like much less, but it can really make a difference again strong enemies. She has six lives to begin the game.
Luigi Luigi is unlocked after defeating Bowser playing as Mario. He has similar stats as Daisy, although with higher strength. He already has the lives that Mario and Daisy accumulated before rescuing him, and more will be added if any of the four characters find health extensions.

Peach is unlocked after defeating Bowser playing as Daisy. She has similar stats as Mario, although with lower strength. He already has the lives that Mario and Daisy accumulated before rescuing her, and more will be added if any of the four characters find health extensions.


Name Picture What They Do World
Yoshi Hides five eggs around the course. If the player finds them all, he/she gets the key to a treasure room. 1
Toadette Gives Mario or Daisy a mushroom gun if he finds all of the 1-Up Mushrooms she drops around the course. 2
Wario Sends Mario or Daisy on a mission to find his bike, which he lost in the world. He will open a secret path to a dungeon key. 3
Rosalina Asks Mario or Daisy to find all of the Lumas lost when she crashed her observatory. She gives a key to a treasure room. 4
DK Tells Mario or Daisy that a path to a dungeon key is hidden high atop Banana Mountain. 5
Birdo Same as Yoshi, but hides ten. 6
Waluigi Same as Wario, but the missing item is a Future Nintendo controller, which he seeks desperately. 7
Petey He decides to do a good deed for once and will give Mario or Daisy 100 coins if they find his lost pet, a Goomba. 8
Kamek Promises Mario or Daisy (disguised) a magic wand if he finds forty blue coins hidden around the level. 9